PLM Introduction Video

I made a short introduction video for our own video-tutorials and our webpage for the company I work for a few months back. It was a great excuse to implement some of the improvements I had prototyped in RenderMonkey after releasing ‘quiet steps’ which was our first OpenGL powered demo ever.

It doesn’t quite come off from the video, but the depth of field effect looks very neat at very affordable performance drop. The Circle of Confusion buffer is slightly blurred, and reduced the far/near blending artifacts sufficiently. The next shots shows the technique¬†combined with FXAA 3.1 and some radial 5-step ‘chromatic abbrivation’.


I might explore this direction more this year. With the ‘exploding’ animation and some AO / shadows this could¬†be very interesting.

Here is a lesser polished shot where the focal point is in the middle of the object.

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