FS: Circles and Lines

Our refactoring project suffered a big hit due to busy times at work combined with a massive hangover yesterday. I had an kickass friday with good friends, tons of beers and punkrock. Great success.

Soon, we will have the opportunity to create videos at high-resolutions from our ‘tool’ (it’s not a tool, go figure). In light preparation, and also to have something to release, I opened shadertoy which is an excellent tool to prototype and play with shaders. It’s been a while, but it’s a great resource to get inspired and quickly get something on to the screen, they even support multiple shaders!

I created some patterns with lines and circles that spins. It was inspired by some of the awsome graphics I saw in the ‘Deepweb’ documentary. This is bland in comparison, but it was cool to try to block out something in this style. And yes, some of the math is wrong 😀 (hard to see without video)


Head over and create an account if you don’t have one. I even saw that iq and a friend implemented pacman with two shaders. Fucking wizards.

The math is fixed and the things are adjusted for HD. This was way fun to play with.
This might become a loading screen or something.

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