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I wanted to experiment on some live-concert photos. Undertakes, an up&coming Norwegian band (featuring my little-brother) provided some photos taken by www.vegardsk.com at the last gig at Rockfeller, Oslo. I also got some music which I could publish. Sweet! My first idea was to  add some high pulsating contrast, varying degrees of noise, pulsating blur on the background as a “trial” project. I also added a tiny bit of radial “chromatic abbrivation” and a vignetting. Most of the parameters was controlled by FFT data from the music, but I decided to skip it as it had many problems due to lack of filtering combined with problems finding a good way of sampling it when exporting to video (it is doable, but skipped to create the weekly update). Here is the first work-in-progress:

Photo credit to Vegard S. Kristiansen (www.vegardsk.com).

There is yet a lot missing, as I wanted to “stylize” this even more. I do see now that I should be very careful to not go “overboard”. Most of the “missing part” is now due to the video extraction part that was somewhat more complicated than expected. Great, I have some stuff to fix!
I noticed at a very early stage that the quality in the engine and the actual photos was way off.

problem-1-what the hell

After I disabled sRGB import (GL_SRGB_ALPHA as internal format) this worked just fine, but then I had to convert to linear RGBA in the shader manually. I have no idea to why this didn’t work, and I’ll have to investigate this further.

I am still not able to create the “High-Definition” quality video output that i’m aiming for – this has mainly to do with ffmpeg settings I believe (and adding flickering noise isn’t making it easy for encoding process). I want to create videos that work on both mobile and pc. I guess I have to experiment further on this end as well, tips are very welcome. Regardless, I love ffmpeg!

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