w27 – quad shell mesh

Still very busy days. New opportunities, new flat etc etc has left me very little time for coding. Another source is also the awsome comic book store close to our new apartment 😀 (recommendation: blacksummer!).

I still manged to sneak away a few hours to clear some dust off the Abaqus shell mesh exporter and rewrote the c++ importer code. Originally it was written to handle tris and quads, but this creates some issues, which I’ve never addressed. It does however work very well with quad-only shell meshes. I also stole a boxmapping technique from Inigo Quilez (one of the guys behind shadertoy.com) to create some texture coordinates. I love that guy.

Here’s a debugging image from normal generation for the export. Yes, the resolution sucks. This will be fixed at some future point in time.

Next step is to create a nice freeCamera for debugging the next project. Hopefully I have a video for next week.

Also, the “Variable line size” project (last post) is really awsome, but this is hardy visible in the post. I have some idea to bring in a very talented gfx artist to play around with the technique. It can be potentially huge!

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