w35 – Benchmark Cover Remake

When I picked up the July issue of the engineering magazine Benchmark, I could not help but noticing the cover.
It is a very clichè “tech” image, but I could not resist the desire to see it move. A project I expected to be quite simple and fun to setup – so this weekend I did.

Starting from an earlier particle project (fft), I quickly added additive blending, and added some “wavey” deformations.
After adding a (dirty) depth of field effect, fog and some particles it looked much better
I opted to add some green hue in the image, but im not sure if I like better than the white version. Since I have some extra features I’ll implement next week, I think I will try to make this look better second time around.

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  1. Love it. It’s often a challenge to find suitable images for the cover of Benchmark and sometimes also for the articles. As a fluid dynamicist, I was drawn to this wave-like image with the binary surface.

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