w46 – Smoothed Spheres [Failed]

Well, this is a first. Actually, I just want to drop this whole project as it was perhaps a bit to ambitious considering all what’s recently been happening at work and at home lately. There simply hasn’t been enough time to pull of the project I’ve been working on for some weeks – a few hours here and there doesn’t cut it – as it requires tons of tweaking of parameters to look good. I am not no such mood now a days. But, I think my progress so far is worth a small update.
Vaguely outlined idea; use lightprobes to approximate indirect lighting wayyy fast. Do some bounces. Such smooth spheres. Wow.

Everything should be lighted by some procedural field on a cube surface:

happy-3 happy-4

Do a few look-ups to simulate “bouncing” – Note the reflected lights….niiiice.


But in the end – too much work is required to make this work on this side of the year. I will continue to work on smaller projects which might support this….


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