About Us

Keyboarders is a demoscene group founded in 2003. The demoscene is a highly creative community with focus on what we simply can describe as digital art – let it be music, photo, computer drawn images and realtime graphics.

Demos – which combines music, graphics, 3D modells and programming is our primary focus. We have submitted tons (~12) of demos during the years at many different demo-parties – and we will continue to do so.  4k – which is the same as a demo, but with a size limitation of 4096bytes (one executable containing music and visuals) is something a drunken spookysys dragged us into at Breakpoint 2008.

During the years we’ve had the great pleasures of torturing several other groups trying to cooperate with us – shout-outs to Loonies, Outracks, Youth Uprising, Darklite and Boozoholics for good times.