Dynamic Patterns – Finally Video!

We can export videos from our codebase! The first video features the shadertoy shader from last week – I did however apply some minor changes but nothing dramatic. The video is 4x supersampled, but even this didn’t do a satisfying job regarding anti-aliasing.

A high-quality video is available on the bottom of this post. The encoding was quite brutal on content, but at least its mobile-friendly. Advice on how to encode for web is highly appreciated 😀

This week, I managed to pull off a few hours to do some coding. Luckily I underestimated the work needed to export videos. Both rendertargets and textures wasn’t implemented in the ‘engine’ – neither was core features in the shader class implemented. I however able to implement very useful and long awaited features in both the shader and RT classes during this week/weekend. Having this outlet actually helps a lot. I don’t want to do weekly updates with shit.

It is great to have the ability to export videos directly from the codebase. Expect more updates with videos, as most of the content we make has some kind of motion. I look forward to pick up this thread/style again soon, but now I want to try something completely different, stay tuned!


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