[w22] FFT Heightfield

This is a subdivided grid with the recorded fft data applied. It’s still done very naïve, and I suspect that the fft recording has a bug. A more structured test should reveal this. I also peeked into https://github.com/Gargaj/Bonzomatic which also uses fft from a live input stream. I like how they provide FFT data as 1D textures in smoothed and non-smoothed variations, this seems handy! Might implement this soon.

I also got around to update the best tool in the world, synctracker: https://github.com/kusma/rocket/releases/tag/v0.10.0. This autolaunches if no connection is established at ‘edit’ mode.

There are several threads which needs some development, especially the drop-to-video function. More videos are coming, and hopefully a demo. See ya.

Update: Fixed it 🙂


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