w14 – some screenshots

After the loss of data a lot of stuff was rewritten and improved. I made the terrain dynamic and with a pretty simple yet effective editor that makes it quick and easy to create more variations.

While this was fun and all, I kinda like the artifacts even more than all the terrain versions I made.

Or should I say “Monkeyfacts”….

I did have a plan for why I wanted to build an incremental terrain generator, but to be honest Рcompletely forgot about  for a few weeks until just now. I miiiight make a video, but I have some other ideas to create some simple stuff.

Also spent a few days to improve the camera routine, to allow for creating some nice continuous camera paths. The code is absolute shit right now, but it was kinda fun to look closer on splines again. Simple frustrating math. I have no idea how I passed math at school.

Also improved the line-renderer! It had a few quirks that needed attention. I create all the joints in the vertexshader quite inexpensively.

Also; a huge shout out to all Revision entries! It was an insane 64k intro competion, some pretty damn nice 4ks. The democompo lacked the heavy-hitters and I didn’t quite like the cocoon demo that much – but it was still way entertaining – a lot due to Truck.

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